Second Floor Rooms of Uffizi Gallery

Uffizi visit start from second floor:

Entrance Vestibule
Room 1: Archaeology
Room 2: Thirteenth century and Giotto
Room 3: Sienese Fourteenth century
Room 4: Florentine Fourteenth century
Rooms 5-6: The international Gothic era
Room 7: The Early Renaissance
Room 8: Lippi's
Room 9: Pollaiolo's
Rooms 10-14: Botticelli's
Room 15: Leonardo's
Room 16: Maps
Room 17: Small room of mathematics
Room 18: Tribune
Room 19: Perugino and Signorelli
Room 20: Dürer
Room 21: Bellini and Giorgione
Room 22: Flemish and German Renaissance painters
Room 23: Mantegna and Correggio
Room 24: Exhibition room of miniatures
Room 25: Michelangelo and Florentines - Currently Closed
Room 26:
Raffaello and Andrea del Sarto - Currently Closed
Room 27:
Pontormo and Rosso Fiorentino - Currently Closed
Room 28:
Tiziano and Sebastiano dal Piombo - Currently Closed
Room 29:
Dosso and Parmigianino - Currently Closed
Room 30:
Gabinetto degli Emiliani del Cinquecento - Currently Closed
Room 31:
Veronese - Currently Closed
Room 32:
Bassano and Tintoretto - Currently Closed
Room 33:
Corridor of Cinquecento - Currently Closed
Room 34:
Lombardi del Cinquecento - Currently Closed
Room 35: Michelangelo and the Florentines
Room 41: Rubens - Currently Closed
Room 42: Niobe
Room 43: Italian and European 17th century - Currently Closed
Room 44:
Rembrandt and Fiamminghi del Seicento - Currently Closed
Room 45: 15th century Venetian, Umbrian and Northern European painters
Exit vestibule

The tour of the Uffizi Gallery::
Second Floor
First Floor (Blue Rooms, Red Rooms)

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