Rooms, paintings and sculptures in Uffizi

The visit to Uffizi Gallery start from second floor, from Enter vestibule following from Room n°1 to Room n°45 ending in Exit vestibule.

From here we proceed to the first floor from Room 46 to Room 93.
The first floor has a thematic subdivision: Blue Rooms " of foreign painters" (from 46 to 55), Red Rooms (from 55 to 66, with the rooms 62 and 63 Called Sale Ademollo), the Balcony over the Arno, the rooms "Maniera Moderna" (from 68 to 88) and Caravaggio's Rooms (from 90 to 93)

The tour of the Uffizi Gallery::
Second Floor
First Floor (Blue Rooms, Red Rooms)

Map of Uffizi Gallery


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