Blue Rooms of Uffizi Gallery

These rather recently set up rooms (December 2011), known as the "blue rooms" and occupied by workrooms used for the restoration of paper until a few years ago, offer a wide range of works by foreign painters (Spanish, French, Flemish and Dutch) transferred from various rooms on the second floor and, above all, from storage rooms.

Thus, the exhibition route leads from the second floor to the first floor of the gallery by means of the new western staircase, leading the visitor directly to room 47, from which all of the other rooms can be reached.

BLUE ROOMS - foreign painters
Room 46: 16th to 18th century Spanish painters
Room 47: 17th century Dutch painters. Leida
Room 48: 17th century French Painters
Room 49: 17th to 18th century Dutch painters. Amsterdam
Room 50: Dutch Painters. The Hague, 17th century
Room 51: 18th century French painters
Room 52: 17th century Flemish painters
Room 53: Dutch painters. Delft, Rotterdam, 17th-18th centuries
Room 54: Dutch painters. Haarlem, Utrecht, 17th century
Room 55: 17th century Flemish painters

The tour of the Uffizi Gallery::
Second Floor
First Floor (Blue Rooms, Red Rooms)

Map of Uffizi Gallery


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