Uffizi Gallery general Information

Uffizi Gallery is open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 08.15 am - 6.50 pm except 1 January, 1 May, 25 December

Reduced Tickets: EU citizens aged between 18 and 25 years and citizens of non-EU Countries only upon mutual agreement (Norway, Island, Switzerland, Liechtenstein)

Free Tickets: First Sunday of each month, School groups from EU countries or non-EU reciprocating countries (Norway, Island, Switzerland, Liechtenstein) prior mandatory booking, Citizens under 18 years of age, EU citizens with disabilities, EU tourist guides
For school groups reservation is required and free. Only by phone at +39 055 294883 or by fax +39 055 264406

Cloakroom is Free and Close to the entrance. Umbrellas, cumbersome bags and backpacks must be left.

Toilets at Ground floor is located in the basement, in front of the cloackroom. Toilets on Second floor are on the mezzanine underneath the cafeteria. First floor: toilet inside the temporary exhibition area. All the toilets are accesible to visitors with disabilities. On the second floor, nearby room 45, is a toilet accessible only to visitors with disabilities. Please ask the staff for help.

Cafeteria is located on the second floor; terrace with panoramic view. For babies Dedicated room for breastfeeding, change and relax, open unitl 6.00 p.m., is near the cafeteria. Changing tables are located also in the main toilets in the basement at the entrance and in the toilets on Natalini staircase's mezzanine.

It is absolutely forbidden to:
touch the works of art or to place objects close to them which may cause damage (with the single exception of the visually impaired or the blind, in relation to the works included in the dedicated itineraries)
lean on the base of sculptures or against walls
run in the museum premises
eat or drink in the exhibition areas
introduce canned drinks
introduce alcoholic drinks or corrosive drinks (e.g. Coca Cola)
smoke (the prohibition also includes esmoking)
use flash photography; to take photographs or videos using selfie sticks, lightstands, tripods or any kind of professional equipment
write on or dirty the walls
leave paper, bottles, chewinggum or other waste: use the appropriate bins!
introduce knives and/or other metal objects into the museum; introduce any kind of firearm and/or dangerous material. Armed visitors (including those with a regular licence) may not access the museum; any special conditions must be notified and may possibly be agreed beforehand with the Institute Director.
Introduce animals, with the exception of guide dogs for the blind, servicedogs assisting the disabled and pets for medical/therapeutic reasons (pet therapy) with a certificate issued by doctors belonging to public health services.

For more information, please read: Uffizi Gallery

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