The Loggia del Mercato Nuovo

Not far from the piazza you can find the new market or "Loggia del Porcellino" the name of the fountain portrayed by a wild boar sculpted in bronze created in the 600's by "Pietro Tacca" where the original is kept in Palazzo Pitti. It would be worth your while to spend some time in the area as the there is a tradition; "if you place a coin in the boars mouth and if it falls out and rolls over the water drain, then rub its nose because it brings good luck, remember the coin must travel to the other side of the drain for it to work". At the centre of the loggia (big piazza), free of the market place, you can see the scandalous stone (Pietra dello scandalo) this place is where debtors would be punished in the Renaissance era of Florence. The punishment consisted of chaining up the prisoners and whipping their legs and they would repeatedly fall down onto their behinds

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