Vasarian Corridor

The "Vasariano" corridor that most probably will arouse the visitor's imagination.

This Corridor a kilometre long, built for practical reasons, to link the "Medici" offices to the "Palazzo Pitti Galleria" at the time owned by the family, which today displays "Uffizi" paintings from the 600's and 700's and that of the artist self-portraits. A narrow passage where the entrance starts from the second corridor of the gallery, which runs along the Arno river stretching over the old bridge and eventually reaching "Palazzo Pitti". The concept from an architectural point of view of an elevated passage at that time was very innovative. The corridor also boasts a spectacular view of the river and the Santa Felicità church, from the corridor you can actually see the inside of the church just like the Medici did at the time; along the wall there is also a window that faces, which at one time was the family's private garden.

To visit this splendid corridor you have to book your ticket in advance.The ticket include and English guide and the access to Uffizi Gallery.

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Unfortunatly The Vasari Corridor is closed at the moment.

For the moment, Vasari Corridor is not available, so this tour is suspended.

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