History of Uffizi Gallery in XIX Century

The eight hundred's opened its doors to new art trends and many of the art works were transported out of the gallery to breathe life in new edifices like the "Museo Egizio", the modern art gallery, many sculptures and minor art works were placed among the "Bargello" collections, the "Beato Angelico" paintings were moved to San Marco; at the same time the abolition of religious authorities in the second half of the century meant that many of their paintings were donated to the Uffizi, in particular those from the 300's and 400's, were placed among the "Feroni" collection, the "Contini-Bonacossi" and many other works recovered by Minister Siviero (today in a different museum).

Since the 1866 art work increment decisions were made to expand the exposition to the Vasariano Corridors too, where at one stage you found the Mediceo Theatre (opened in 1586 and located on two floors in the rooms of the actual design and print studio) their they built new halls.

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