Piazza della Signoria

Around the gallery there are some areas that really warrant a visit and first on the list is the Piazza della Signoria. Here besides this impressive Old Palazzo, you can find the "Nettuno" fountain also called "Biancone", built in the second half of the 500th century and designed by Bartolomeo Ammannati. In 2006 a little boy carelessly climbed the sculpture and eventually one of the arms broke off but fortunately was quickly reattached, "like old".

Right in front of the "Palazzo Vecchio" the symbols of liberty two sculptures, the famous David of Michelangelo, where the 1503 original held in the "Galleria dell'Accademia" and "Ercole e Caco di Baccio Bandinelli".

The "Loggia dei Lanzi" in the forbidden piazza also called "Loggia dell'Orcagna" named after its designer. The famous bronze "Perseo" by Cellini stands out and brought back to its antique brilliance when it was restored a few years ago and the "Ratto delle Sabine di Giambologna" (the rape of the Giambologna Sabine women).

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