The red rooms of Uffizi Gallery

Set up in June 2012, rooms 56 to 61 and 64 to 66 propose works of the Florentine Manner in correlation to antiquity.

Room 56: Hellenistic marble
Room 57: Andrea del Sarto and the ancient
Room 58: Andrea del Sarto
Room 59: Andrea del Sarto's friends
Room 60: Rosso Fiorentino
Room 61: Pontormo
Room 62: Vasari and Allori
Room 63: Second half of the 16th century
Room 64: Bronzino
Room 65: Bronzino and The Medici
Room 66: Raffaello

The tour of the Uffizi Gallery::
Second Floor
First Floor (Blue Rooms, Red Rooms)

Map of Uffizi Gallery

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