History of Uffizi Gallery in XVIII Century

A focal point in the history of the Florentine collections came in 1737, when the end came for the Medici dynasty the last heiress, Anna Maria Luisa residing in the palace, moved to France to marry the king of Lorena and signed an agreement that all her artistic possessions used for public show were not to be removed from Florence.

With the arrival of the Lorena family many changes took place and the neoclassical style of the seven hundreds took a turn towards the creations of monumental staircases and hallways there were many increments, transferring of art works (scientific instruments were taken to the museum of "La specola") and unfortunately some were sold, like in the case of the "Armeria".

In contrast a new age aroused attention for other styles and techniques of art work like archaeological pieces it was at this time that the famous niobe art works were transfered from Rome and placed in a hall created purposely for them.

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