uffizi room 9 dei pollaiolo

Antonio del Pollaiuolo, represented here by his most famous Hercules and Antaeus and Hercules and the Hydra, he focused on the movement of the figures and the constant vibration of the expressions, however, represented with a solid boundary line. Adjacent to this is also the early work by Botticelli, including Allegory of Fortitude, first reported work of the artist and dated 1470.

Here there are works by Piero del Pollaiolo, such as the Portrait of Galeazzo Maria Sforza and the extraordinary Altarpiece of the Cardinal of Portugal (created together with his brother Antonio).

Also notable, and also by the hand of Piero, are the six panels of the Virtues and the seventh, the Allegory of Strength, produced by a young Botticelli and the first documented work of the artist, dated 1470.

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