uffizi room 59 degli amici di andrea del sarto

Among the works of artists linked to Andrea del Sarto is an example of the work of Francesco Ubertini, known as Bachiacca, a minor artist of common extraction, who was like a reference, in addition to Flemish realism, Perugino, Raphael and Andrea himself, who was his friend and taught him the first basics of art.

Although remaining almost too faithful to the models from which he drew inspiration, the artist nonetheless managed to have a changeable stamp, his distinctive stroke, as emerges from his Descent from the Cross, in which his attention to background landscape also becomes clear. Also painted by him are a Christ in front of the Cross and the Stories of Sant'Acacio.

Remembered here, too, from the circle of Andrea (present with Woman with a Basket of Spindles) are Pontormo, with his splendid Leda, and Franciabigio, with his Portrait of a young Man.

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