uffizi room 61 di pontormo

Room entirely dedicated to Jacopo Carucci, known as Pontormo (whose works were exhibited in room 27 in the previous set up), who, like Rosso Fiorentino, was also a student of Andrea del Sarto. Initially, the artist evaded the classicism of the teacher and emphasised the sfumato as seen in Portrait of Cosimo the Elder, and then superimposed an increasingly interwoven, spiral composition over the Sartesque formulation, derived from the study of Michelangelo and clearly recognisable in the Expulsion of Adam and Eve (in which one also recognises the influence of eloquent studies based on the D�rer model) and in Saint Anthony Abbot.

Also exhibited in this room is the Supper at Emmaus, a perfect representation of the contrast between nature and art, reality and its transfiguration, epitomised by Pontormo.

Memorable is the Birth of Saint John the Baptist, in which the artist uses a convex mirror to create a deformed image of reality.

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