uffizi room 65 del bronzino ed i medici

Main portrait painter of the Medici family, this room contains specimens of the courtly, celebratory art of the artist.

The Portrait of Eleonora da Toledo with her son Giovanni is perhaps one of the greatest results of the artist's career, in which the eye rests on the sumptuousness and sophistication of the vestments and pureness of the complexions.

Among the other portraits are those of Giovanni de' Medici as a boy and Bia daughter of Cosimo I, in which one notes the distinctive characteristic of the painter to linger on the preciousness and details of the vestments and jewellery, with secure drawn form and abstract background.

Less polished and more austere is the Portrait of Cosimo I, Grand Duke, the original of a long series of replicas.

Standing out among the portraits is the famous Nano Morgante, who was the most well-known little-person of the time and used as a jester at the Court of Cosimo I.

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