uffizi room 63 del secondo 500

Among the various artists brought together in this room are Jacopo Chimenti, known as Jacopo da Empoli, a student of Santi di Tito, by whom a Madonna with Child and Saints is exhibited.

In paintings by da Empoli, such as Noah's Inebriation and the Sacrifice of Isaac, he expresses the ideals of the Reformation of Santi di Tito, with a new chromatic fullness and simple compositions.

Another tendency of the Reformation of painting was given at the end of the Mannerist age by Jacopo Ligozzi, a Veronese painter whose compositions were classical and airy, but with colours full of lights and shadows, as emerges in the Sacrifice of Isaac.

By Jacopo Zucchi, one of Vasari's students, we find the Age of Iron, Age of Silver and Age of Gold, allegories of the ages of the world as indicated by Ovid.

Together with room 62, it is one of the Ademollo Rooms.

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