uffizi room 51 pittori francesi XVIII secolo

Standing out in this room are two portraits by Jean Baptiste Simeon Chardin, acquired not too many years ago by the gallery, and reproductions of two famous works by the artist that were in Russia in the 18th century and are now in the National Gallery in Washington D.C. In both Girl with a Shuttlecock and Boy Building a Castle of Cards Chardin has rendered a brilliant, chromatic exactness of the lack of both interest and involvement of the two in the fact of being portrayed. This detachment between the party being portrayed and the observer was a break in official portrait painting.

More classical renderings are two portraits by Francois-Xavier Fabre: "Portrait of Vittorio Alfieri" and its companion portrait of Princess Louise of Stolberg-Gedern, the Countess of Albany.

Also exhibited in this room is the famous portrait of Maria Adelaide of France by Jean- �tienne Liotard, with its strong, articulate, minutely descriptive style and oriental aspect, which can also be found in the extraordinary Self-portrait in the Turkish style hung in the same room.

Worthy of note, too, is the marvellous portrait of Madame Maria Zeffirina of France as a young girl.

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