uffizi room 46 dei pittori spagnoli del XVI XVIII secolo

Here we find a selection of works by 16th to 18th century Spanish painters.

One of the greatest figures in 17th century European painting, Jusepe de Ribera, called lo Spagnoletto by his contemporaries, is represented here by the Repentant St. Jerome, with its strong Caravaggesque influence.

Among these artists one finds Diego Vel�squez, represented here with a still life and self-portrait.

Portraiture was an important part of the works by Francisco Goya; examples included in this exhibit are: the Portrait of the Countess of Chinch�n acquired by the gallery in 1972 and was part of a group of portraits commissioned by the father of the woman in the paintings; the Portrait of Maria Teresa de Vallabriga on Horseback, in which the contrast between the mountainous, solitary landscape and the elegance of the feminine figure emerges.

In addition, in this room is the only painting exemplifying the work of El Greco: Saint John the Apostle and Saint Francis, in which the artist portrays the two figures with monumentality and torment, by drawing on cold but vibrant colour tones with a spiritualistic and visionary stamp. This painting is an extraordinary example of the painter's tendency towards ecstatic images to transform the dimension of the spirit.

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