uffizi room 92 di gherardo delle notti

Works by Gerard van Honthorst, a Dutch painter, who lived in Italy for many years and who became acquainted with Caravaggio, are to be found in this room. Works inspired by the master and marked, specifically, by the use of nocturnal candlelight that gained him the name of Gherardo delle Notti (Gerard of the Nights).

The tavern scenes with gamblers, musicians and persons focussed intently on eating are extraordinary and characterised by chiaroscuro as in The Lute Player and The Good Luck.

The Adoration of the Child is surely his most noted work in Italy. In this work, too, light dominates the representation; in fact, it is treated as if it were artificial, but is actually light emanating from the child.

Another of his paintings existed, with a religious theme, the Adoration of the Shepherds, but it was badly damaged in the car bomb attack on Via dei Georgofili in 1993.

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