uffizi room 90 di caravaggio

Leaving the Verone sull'Arno, the route through the exhibition leads to room 90, dedicated to Caravaggio and his followers. Three of the artist's most famous paintings are exhibited here: Bacchus, the Head of Medusa and the Sacrifice of Isaac.

What stands out in all of them is the extreme realism of the figures, obtained by depicting models accurately studied in poses and actual physical presence. The chief characteristic of his art was the naturalism expressed in both the figures and environs in which forms emerge thanks to theatrical illumination.

The subject of decapitation, as in the Medusa, was quite widespread in the 17th century, as shown in Judith beheading Holofernes, by Artemisia Gentileschi, by whom a painting of Saint Catherine is also exhibited.

In this room one can also compare the art of Caravaggio with the interpretations of which his followers were capable.

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