uffizi room 83 di tiziano

Room entirely dedicated to Tiziano Vecelli, known in English as Titian, a major 16th century Venetian painter who used the classical approach.

He was a celebrated portrait painter, as shown by the portraits exhibited here of Francesco Maria della Rovere and Eleonora Gonzaga, examples of the style of the artist, based on the nobility, and great realism of the figures portrayed.

In Portrait of a Knight of Malta, the awareness of the artist of the social importance of the portrait is apparent; it is presented with the highest form of humanity, also through the refinement of the chromatic spectrum and vestments.

Fully emerging in his absolute masterpiece, the Venus of Urbino, that arrived at the Uffizi in 1736, is the Renaissance culture of Titian, based on a concept of humanity, which is transfigured into an ideal through the use of colour.

Another of his very famous paintings is Flora, which arrived at the gallery in 1793, and whose identity was never detected, even over time, but who was probably Flora the mythological figure.

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