uffizi room 74 del parmigianino

Francesco Mazzola, known as Parmigianino, was one of the major Mannerist painters from Emilia, this room contains two of his masterpieces: the Madonna and Child with Saints, said to be Saint Zechariah and the Madonna with the Long Neck. In both paintings one sees the union between the soft chromatic touch of Correggio and the pureness of line of Raphael; the composition seems to lengthen and become helical and the figures are pure recollections of the grace and ideal, in which exterior beauty coincides with inner beauty.

Also by his hand is the Portrait of a Man, long believed to be a self-portrait, but which, today, remains without identity. What stands out is the intensity of the young man's face, illuminated with a strong chiaroscuro that creates a kind of suspended, mysterious atmosphere, accentuated by the medallion at the man's shoulder, only half-depicted.

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