venere di urbino

Commissioned by the heir to the throne of the Duchy of Urbino, Guidobaldo II della Rovere, the painting aroused much admiration already in his time so much so that many other nobles demanded copies and variants. Guidobaldo bought it and gave it to his young wife, Giulia da Varano, as a model of sensuality and loyalty. The Venus of Urbino came to Florence following the marriage of Vittoria della Rovere with Ferdinand II de 'Medici in 1631. Titian represented his Venus in a modern home setting. The goddess is lying completely naked on a bed with white sheets and supports the bust on some pillows. She wears a ring on her finger, an earring drop, symbol of purity, and a beautiful gold bracelet. At her feet is a cowering dog, a symbol of fidelity. In the background two maids rummage in a bin in search of suitable clothes to be worn to the goddess.


Author: Tiziano
Uffizi Room n°: Sala 28
Year: 1538
Style: Rinascimento
Techics: Olio su tela
Size: 119 x 165 cm

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