presentazione al tempio

The panel was commissioned along with many other paintings to adorn the aisles of the Cathedral of Siena. The function of these panels was to show the faithful less educated people the scenes described in the Bible. In this table Lorenzetti represented the Presentation in the Temple of baby Jesus, it is a ceremony of the Jewish religion that occurred after 40 days of birth of every male child. The main scene occupies the central space of the painting, the one between the two gilded columns. Here we find the Madonna and the child held in the arms of San Simeon. On the left it's depicted Joseph along with two women without the halo, and to right the prophetess Anna. To the top, in the center are depicted Moses and Malachi. This table was the center piece of a triptych whose side panels have been lost.


Author: Ambrogio Lorenzetti
Uffizi Room n°: Sala 3
Year: 1342
Style: Gotico
Techics: Tempera su tavola
Size: 257 x 168 cm

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