madonna delle arpie

Originally the painting adorned the altar of the small church of San Francesco de' Macci, but after Ferdinando de' Medici showed interest in it, was transferred to the Uffizi: it was 1795. In the panel are represented Mary with the baby in her arms, St. Francis and St. John the Evangelist. Our Lady is the center and places his feet on a finely decorated pedestal, to help she keep her balance are two little angels. According to experts the painting would refer to Chapter IX of the Apocalypse of John. The figures carved on the pedestal would be locusts the bearers of destroying and the stand itself is nothing more except the "bottomless pit", where is Satan. Maria would be so intent on subduing the Devil closing the pit.


Author: Andrea del Sarto
Uffizi Room n°: Sala 58
Year: 1517
Style: Manierismo
Techics: Tempera su tavola
Size: 207 x 178 cm

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