madonna dal collo lungo

The painting was commissioned to Parmigianino by the wife of Cavalier Baiardi. According to the contract the artist would have to conclude the work in five months, but that deadline was breached and the painting was left unfinished. Despite this it was still exposed in the private chapel of the family. The painting shows a seated Madonna holding her baby. Her neck is obviously long and this characteristic has given name to the work of art. The child shows an unusually advanced age, sleeping in a precarious position on mother's knees with spread arms and legs. Complete the composition a group of angels on the left and a miniature man on the right. Next to the latter had to be another character, for which it was created only one foot.


Author: Parmigianino
Uffizi Room n°: Sala 29
Year: 1534 - 1540
Style: Manierismo
Techics: Olio su tavola
Size: 216 x 132 cm

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