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Pisa's Cathedral Square, better know as the Miracles Square, is more than the Leaning Tower. It is a unique exhibition path formed by the Tower and another 3 monumental buildings (the Cathedral, the Baptistery and the Monumental Cemetery, and and their rich collection of sculptures and paintings) and 2 unique collections in the world: the Museum of Sinopie and the Museum of the Opera. All the monumental buildings are closely related, and narrate a millennium culture we have inherited. They represent a single design concept, a symbol of Christian allegory, of a dialogue between heaven and earth, and they outline a style developed in maritime Pisa, resulting from the encounter of different peoples, cultures and languages. We invite you to discover the beauty of Piazza dei Miracoli beyond the Leaning Tower!

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Combo ticket valid for the museums and monuments of Pisa's Cathedral Square:

  • Cathedral
  • Baptistery
  • Monumental Cemetery
  • Sinopias Museum
  • Museo dell'Opera

Admission for the Leaning Tower NOT included; you can purchase it separately! Access to museums and monuments is ALLOWED ONLY to CLIENTS who present the TICKET provided by us, issued by OPERA DELLA PRIMAZIALE PISANA.

The visit is confirmed 20 days before the date, so reservation guarantees the inclusion on the waiting list and delivery of the ticket as soon as we receive it from Opera della Primaziale Pisana.
Charge to credit card made on the business day following the request.

The visit to the Cathedral is free with the admission ticket.
Any ticket purchased automatically includes your free ticket for the visit to the Cathedral at any time.
A free ticket for a visit to ONLY the Cathedral within a reserved time slot is available exclusively at the ticket office on site. The Cathedral is first and foremost a place of worship and prayer. Visitors are thus asked to dress and behave appropriately, respecting both the place and people.

Reservations must be made no less than 1 day before the date of the visit.

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