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IE 8]> Pizza And Gelato Making Cooking Class ❒ Italy Tickets (function(w,d,t,r,u){var f,n,i;w[u]=w[u]||[],f=function(){var o={ti:"5190006"};o.q=w[u],w[u]=new UET(o),w[u].push("pageLoad")},n=d.createElement(t),n.src=r,n.async=1,n.onload=n.onreadystatechange=function(){var s=this.readyState;s&&s!=="loaded"&&s!=="complete"||(f(),n.onload=n.onreadystatechange=null)},i=d.getElementsByTagName(t)[0],i.parentNode.insertBefore(n,i)})(window,document,"script","//","uetq"); You are using an outdated browser. Please upgrade your browser. ×Close Menu English (US) , Help, Download Tickets, Cart, Pizza And Gelato Making Cooking Class starting from €79 Home Page, Florence, Pizza And Gelato Making Cooking Class, Duration: 3h, Photos allowed, Dinner with wine tasting, What to expect Learn how to prepare the real pizza with the help of a "pizzaiolo", Discover all the secrets of Italian ice cream and why it is so good, Enjoy your pizza and ice cream: a perfect combination!, Get your recipes booklet and a graduation certificate, Pizza and gelato Pizza and gelato Pizza and gelato Pizza and gelato Pizza and gelato Pizza and gelato Pizza and gelato Pizza and gelato Pizza and gelato Discover the secrets of two Italian icons When thinking about the Italian cuisine our thoughts turn inevitably to two delicious specialities known all over the world: pizza and ice cream. Although you can eat both almost anywhere in the world, let's face it, as good as in Italy you have never tasted them, you bet! So why not learn from a real Italian chef the secrets of pizza and ice cream skilfully prepared? During the course you will prepare your pizza guided step by step by a real "pizzaiolo". You will learn to knead and make a soft yet crispy dough. You will learn the secrets of tomatoes sauce and all the ingredients you need for a perfect pizza. And after the pizza it will be time for ice cream. The chef will explain everything, absolutely everything, on the best Italian dessert. Thanks to a demonstration, you will learn the ingredients to be used, the products to select, natural dyes that can be added, the methods of preservation and much more. At the end, of course, you will get a taste of three flavours of ice cream. This activity is particularly suitable for families with children, who will have the opportunity to learn many things about Italian culture and will make an interesting and fun experience. Description "Learn about the local culture of Italy in a fun and relaxed way with a Pizza Making Class offered in the country. Making delicious pizzas and experiencing the traditions of Italy go hand in hand with this unique opportunity. Duration Hours go by, three in total. or A total of three hours pass. or Three hours elapse. or During three hours, time marches on. or Passage of time amounts to three hours. or It takes three hours in total. or The duration of my experience comes down to three hours. About During our pizza and gelato making class in Italy, you will gain the skills necessary to master the flavorful art of Italian cuisine. Our expert "pizzaiolo" will unveil the tricks of the trade and demonstrate how to make picture-perfect, scrumptious pizza that is authentic and genuine. In addition, you will learn the secrets behind creamy and delicious gelato. Come discover why Italians have a reputation for doing it better and leave our class a pro. While partaking in a pizza-making session taught by our expert chef near Florence, you will first learn how to prepare a soft, pliable yeast-based dough by kneading it skillfully. With the help of our chef, you'll discover how to concoct a tangy, yet light tomato sauce that serves as the pizza's base. It's your turn to get creative now: shape the dough, sprinkle seasonings to your liking, bake and take pleasure in the unmatched flavors of the pizza that you've cooked with your own two hands! And if that isn't sufficient, it's time to dive into a gelato-making class that traces back the heritage and customs of Italian ice-cream. While sampling delicious artisanal gelato, expand your culinary knowledge by delving into the origins of its ingredients and their respective natural hues. Under the guidance of an entertaining and well-informed chef, discover the most reputable sources for these raw materials and learn about the various methods of heating and freezing used in the dessert's creation. Come and join us for an educational and delectable journey through the wonderful world of gelato. When the pizza-making session comes to a close, a Digital Recipe Booklet will be handed over to you. This booklet will be worth its weight in gold for when you intend to impart the enjoyable experience with your loved ones. Indubitably engaging, educational, and laid-back, our pizza and gelato creation class is the ultimate leisure activity for groups with children wanting to gain insights into native customs. Info overload Need more intel on the topic at hand? Not to worry, we've got you covered. Read on to find all the details you crave, including some hidden gems you may not have been aware of. Sit tight, and we'll take you on a journey of discovery. Exciting revelations await as we delve deeply into the intricacies of the matter, uncovering valuable insights that can benefit you in myriad ways. Are you ready to take the plunge and uncover all the facts? Then let's dive in together and explore the depths of this fascinating topic. "Participants with special needs or impaired mobility can receive appropriate accommodations if they let us know ahead of time. "The cooking class, unfortunately, is not compatible with those who have celiac disease," we sadly announce. Pizza and ice cream cooking class with a local chef, Apron and cooking utensils, All ingredients needed for pizza and ice cream, Dinner with wine tasting (soft drinks for children), Recipes booklet, Graduation Certificate, MEETING POINT COOKING SCHOOL, Via Panicale, 43red, 50123 Firenze, close to Florence Central Market

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