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Admire the Duomo Square with its amazing Cathedral and famous Brunelleschi's Dome, then arrive in Signoria Square where it stands the Palazzo Vecchio and the wonderful statues of the Loggia dei Lanzi; pass over the Ponte Vecchio (the bridge known all over the world) and arrive in the Oltrarno district full of artisan workshops. The itinerary will introduce you in the old Florence through the history of the Medici family, the political events, exploring squares and roads that were main actors in that period. End your entertaining introduction to Florence with a stop for a coffee or cappuccino (during winter) or a typical Italian ice cream (during summer)! Description What better way to get acquainted with the beauty and history of Florence than taking a leisurely stroll through its streets? It's just the pleasant activity you need to start your exploration of the city's secular heritage! Duration Hours, it was 2.5 of them. New "También disponible en español" is the latest addition to our list of services. Our aim is to cater to your multilingual needs, allowing easy access to valuable information. Now, both our English and Spanish-speaking clients can comfortably use our services. About Embark on our tour through Florence's city center and experience the grandeur of one of the world's most captivating cities. Take a leisurely stroll through the streets and follow in the footsteps of the powerful Medici dynasty who reigned over the city during the 14th and 15th centuries. Discover the rich heritage and history that has spanned centuries, all in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. In Florence, your tour guide will entertain you with a detailed history of the city during the walking tour. Starting with the prehistoric times when people lived in Florence, the city later emerged as an important center of Etruscan culture, and eventually developed into a Roman city known as ""Florentia.” Throughout the Middle Ages, Florence withstood various wars, but it was also an era of great prosperity with the rise of textile manufacturing and trade, as well as impressive architectural projects. "Praised as the birthplace of the Renaissance," Florence was able to bask in peace and riches during the wise governance of the Medici family. This allowed the city to become an icon of art and culture. Simultaneously, esteemed financiers invested substantially in grand mansions to supersede their narrow residences, all whilst generously funding the embellishment of churches. Florence, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a mesmerizing treasure chest filled with centuries-old artwork and architecture. It's enchanting and romantic, and the result of its beauty is stunning. You can discover the marvels for yourself and be sumptuously enhanced by the splendor. Admire the Piazza della Signoria, and take cues from your guide as you soak up the beauty of the Palazzo Vecchio. The bell tower, famously called the Tower of Giotto, and Duccio's sculptural decoration are visible from here. Revel at the magnificence of the Baptistery's gold paneled "Gates of Paradise" located beside the Cathedral - Florence's pride and joy - known as Duomo. This enchanting visit extends on to Santa Trinità Church, and finally to Orsanmichele. Additional Details It's important to know the specifics of the situation. Here's what we can tell you: there's more than meets the eye. The details are sparse, but the data has been gathered. Some say the truth is out there, but in reality, we already have it. It's just a matter of piecing it all together. There are clues scattered throughout the story, and only a few have been discovered so far. Keep digging, and you're bound to find something new. We refrain from going inside any monuments or museums. Kindly note this. Shoes that won't give you blisters or make your feet ache are a must for a day of walking around. Let us accommodate any unique requirements or mobility constraints of our clients by informing us ahead of time. Local guide officially authorized, Main attractions of Florence, Coffee or ice cream, Earphones for bigger groups, Meeting Point Florencetown Booking Office - Piazza Mentana, 2red, Firenze (FI) Opposite side of the Arno river. Clients are required to be at the meeting point 15 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time.

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